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Content accounting, not content management

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For any given page on a web server, system administrators are often ill-equipped to determine who created the document, why it's being served, how long it's been publicly viewable, and how it's changed over time.

To police our own website, we create DryDock. DryDock is a web publishing application that governs the replication of content from a developmental, or staging web tree to a production web tree (ideally placed on a second server). DryDock codifies a formal approval process that forces management to approve all web site changes before those changes are put into production. Users never interact directly with the production web tree; DryDock updates it on their behalf.

What it can do

DryDock is not a CMS; its philosohy is one of a security tool that locks out unapproved changes to a protected document store. It's acts as a document firewall. Learn more...

Managers can approve files for publication at their leisure without the risk of inappropriate content ever being publicly visible. Learn more...

Web authors can develop pages without intimate knowledge of security policies, and using the tools they've always used. Learn more...

DryDock provides a complete auditing trail for any document ever put into production. Learn more...

DryDock transparently tracks document changes using CVS. Learn more...

Using DryDock with a dual-web server setup can help you operate your production web server in a more secure and regimented network environment than normally feasible. Learn more...

DryDock is open-source, GPL'ed software.

Recent news

deepak @ 3:05pm on Mon, 10 January 2004

New release out with some small bugfixes. I fixed some errors in the permissions handling code, and I've corrected some problems in the Authentication module's build routines. The new version (r6) is config file and database compatible with r5, so no worries about having to migrate your data or anything.

deepak @ 1:44pm on Mon, 22 March 2004

I've finally gotten around to submitting an entry to Freshmeat for DryDock. Better late than never, I guess. Maybe the mailing list will get some use now that the word is out on the street. :)

In other news, I've been invited to give a talk about DryDock and its motivations next month at the 2004 Web Developer Conference at Los Alamos National Laboratory. I'm looking forward to it! I'll be sure to put up my slides and such once I get back.

deepak @ 1:25pm on Tues, 20 January 2004

There's a new version of DryDock out, r5. It fixes a bug where the sync daemon was only getting launched after a user had successfully logged in. Minor bug fix.

deepak @ 5:50pm on Thur, 23 October 2003

I've written some scripts that will take the CVS code and cut a release from it. I've got it set up to cut 2 different releases for a given CVS tag. There's one that contains all the documentation, and one that doesn't. Since people tend to get frightened by large downloads, I hope this will calm some of their fears.

I'm also finally done with my slides for the 2003 USENIX LISA conference. Apple's Keynote software is excellent! I'll be speaking on Tuesday in the block that runs from 2pm to 3:30pm. I go on last. Feel free to look me up!

deepak @ 6:30pm on Fri, 17 October 2003

Jon got a BugZilla database up and running. Thanks! There's a link on the sidebar for it.

deepak @ 12:40pm on Wed, 8 October 2003

Well, we've finally got the web site up and running. Of course, you can see that because you're reading this. There's still some hacking that needs to be done to make the stylesheets show up nicely under Safari (for some reason, the text gets cropped at the bottom of the screen).

News flash

Look for Deepak at the 2004 Web Developer Conference at Los Alamos National Laboratory on April 13-14.

He'll be giving a talk about web publishing security, accountability, and the reasons behind DryDock's creation.

There will surely be thrills, chills, and spills!

Latest version

The current version of DryDock was released on:
January 10, 2005

It's designated: drydock-H-r6